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1 I haven't got ...
2 ... often do you go to the cinema?
3 He goes to work ...
5 We haven’t got ... orange juice
8 Robert ... fly to New York tomorrow
9 I have English class ...
10 Peter is the manager, you need to speak to ...
11 I wanted a red car but they only had ...
12 He ... dinner yesterday
15 I have to go to the store ... some food
16 The house was empty There ... there
17 I’ve lost my notes I can’t find them ...
18 We can’t get there by 10:00 pm There is ... time
19 He arrived ... Gatwick airport on Saturday evening.
20 I haven’t had dinner with my brother ... two months.
21 There ... spectators at the show.
22 The apartment can’t be dirty he ...
23 Don’t ... the lights every time you walk into a room! Electricity is expensive.
24 Don’t start ...
25 He works at the library, ... ?
26 Simon ... in San Francisco since 1982.
28 Has Mr Smith arrived ... ?
29 Charles is ... Erica to do it at this very moment.
30 Have you sent that letter to Mr Brown?Yes, I have ... done that.
31 He’s looking forward ... that play.
32 ... have you been waiting here?
33 They weren’t disappointed and neither ... I.
34 I invited Christina out for a meal, but unfortunately she ... lunch.
35 This is the elephant ... I saw.
36 ... is it from Los Angeles to San Francisco?
37 You can call me ... you like.
38 I ... working at weekends by now.
39 I have to catch the 5.00 am bus tomorrow, so I ... go to bed late.
40 She ... go to the doctor’s yesterday.
41 That’s the ... of my worries, it will never happen.
42 I wouldn’t mind ... this evening.
43 The man ... on the couch is my boss.
44 “Those bags look heavy” “ ... carry one for you?” “ That’s very nice of you”
45 He wrote the book ... , he didn’t need anybody’s advice.
46 Where have you put my notes? I clearly remember ... them on the table last night.
47 You look tired. You ... go to sleep.
48 They ... ever watch television on Saturday nights They prefer to go out.
49 I thought you ...
50 They ... last Monday, but I am not sure.
51 We ... better get a move on or we’ll be late.
52 ... did he turn up late, but he also forgot his books.
53 If I ... you, I’d do it.
55 I couldn’t mend the computer myself, so I ... at a store.
56 After three years in Paris, Anna finally feels as if she ... there.
58 He ran so fast ... being followed by a monster.
59 ... the owner had seen him steal the money.
60 If you’d come to the cinema last night, you ... the movie.
61 I know he didn’t apologize, but he ... have done so.
62 When they left the cinema, they couldn’t stop laughing The movie ... very funny.
63 They were in no ... to sell the house Property values were increasing day by day so they knew that the longer they held on, the better.
64 That old car is ... to anyone It’s ready for the dump!
65 If only I had had the courage to make this decision ...
66 We got ... of our unwelcome guests by saying we were really tired and wanted to go to be
67 By this time tomorrow we ... the party.
68 “We’ll never be able to go through this” said the man to nobody ...
69 It'll be fine ... you do it the way I told you.
70 The ambulance arrived ... minutes of the emergency call.
71 You are ... no obligation to take the first job you are offered
72 I ...sight of John as soon as I walked out onto the busy street.
73 Sarah would have made sure John was here ... were coming too.
74 The success of the talks relies on whether both sides are ...to make some concessions.
75 I know you hate your job, but that's no reason to ... it out on me.
76 I have no ... in the matter My boss has already decided for me.
77 The rain ruined ... beautiful afternoon.
78 Peter says he isn’t tired after his long journey ... the opposite in fact.
79 It’s ... time you did some work It’s almost time for lunch and you haven’t even turned on your computer.
80 The new president ... office at midnight tonight during an official ceremony which will be broadcast live on national television.
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