Mind The Gap | Icc Sub Fee Agreement Template
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Icc Sub Fee Agreement Template

Icc Sub Fee Agreement Template

The ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template: A Guide for International Trade

As international trade continues to expand, the need for standardized and transparent agreements has become increasingly important. One such agreement that has gained prominence in recent years is the ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template.

What is an ICC Sub Fee Agreement?

An ICC Sub Fee Agreement is a contract between two parties, typically a buyer and a seller, that outlines the terms and conditions of a sub fee transaction. Sub fees are commonly used in international trade, especially in the shipping industry, and are essentially fees charged by a third party, such as a freight forwarder or a carrier, for services rendered.

Why use an ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template?

Using a standardized agreement like the ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template can offer numerous benefits to international traders. Firstly, it helps to promote consistency and clarity in contracts across different transactions and jurisdictions. Secondly, it allows for the inclusion of specific terms and conditions that are relevant to the parties involved, such as the amount of the sub fee, payment terms, and liability. Finally, it can help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes that could arise from unclear or poorly written contracts.

What does the ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template include?

The ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template includes several key sections that are relevant to sub fee transactions. These include:

– Identification of the parties involved, including any agents or intermediaries

– Description of the sub fee transaction, including the service provided and the amount of the fee

– Payment terms, including the currency and method of payment, as well as any penalties or interest for late payment

– Liability and indemnification provisions, which outline the responsibility of each party in the event of damages or losses

– Dispute resolution mechanisms, which can include mediation or arbitration

How to use the ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template?

To use the ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template, parties should first review the document to ensure that it meets their specific needs. It may be necessary to modify certain clauses or add new provisions to reflect the specifics of the transaction. Once the agreement has been finalized and signed by both parties, it should be kept on file as a record of the transaction.


The ICC Sub Fee Agreement Template is a useful tool for international traders looking to standardize and simplify their sub fee transactions. By using this template, parties can ensure that their contracts are clear, consistent, and tailored to their specific needs. While no agreement can guarantee a dispute-free transaction, using a standardized template can help to minimize risk and promote a smoother process for all involved.