Mind The Gap | Life is harder for young people now than in the past
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Life is harder for young people now than in the past

Life is harder for young people now than in the past

Carla is preparing for the First Certificate in English. Vicky is her teacher at Mind the Gap. Vicky set a homework task about young people and their lives. Carla wrote a very good essay on this subject.  Carla organised her points very well and presents her opinion in four neat paragraphs.  The introduction and conclusion are very clear. The whole text is cohesive as she uses nice transitions to connect her paragraphs.  Well done Carla!

Life is harder for young people now than in the past. Do you agree?

Nowadays, the life of young people seems to be easier than in the past, but we would have to think about the differences between education and work: while the level and quality of education is decreasing, the requirements to get a job are increasing.

On the one hand, education has changed a lot in recent years. Before, only a small group of people had the opportunity to go to university or continue studying when they finished their obligatory education. Consequently, most people learn a profession; plumber or painter in the case of men, and women usually worked cleaning houses.  However, nowadays everyone who wants to continue studying can do it and develop their personal career.

On the other hand, enterprises want more and more qualified people every time, and to get a job for young people is harder than in the past. Moreover, if people are more qualified, the competition between them is higher and everyone is trying to be the best in their specialty.

To conclude, I think that education and work should be connected or be at the same level of difficulty because to be successful in your studies is easy, but to be successful in your professional career requires a great effort.

Carla Rodríquez  Sánchez FCE student