Mind The Gap | January. What a month!
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January. What a month!

January. What a month!

January rings in the New Year, every year! Did you know that the name January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was always shown as having two heads? He looked back to the last year and forward to the new one.

Are you looking forward to the New Year? Let’s hope 2018 brings lots of health and happiness to everyone.  The first month of the year is usually one full of promise as people make resolutions for the year ahead. However, by January 15th most people have already broken their resolutions or just given up on them completely.

January is a chilly month in the Northern Hemisphere and this can make it very hard to stick to resolutions of being healthy or smiling at everyone you meet.  So, if you haven’t managed to keep your promises, don’t worry, there are millions of people out there just like you!

If you are feeling the cold and are a little depressed, perhaps you should travel to the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a lot warmer down under! In fact, in January this year, Sydney is experiencing its hottest summer in over 60 years.   Before you book a flight, think about how unbearable 46ºC can be! I am sure the Australians would welcome some cool January air from the North.

Let’s enjoy the fresh winter air. All we have to do is wrap up warm, stick to our healthy resolutions and last but not least, remember to smile.  January isn’t so bad after all. Is it?