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Are you a huge football fan? Do you play football with a local team?

At Mind the Gap, we would love to read about your football stories. Please feel free to write about any experience related to your favourite sport. You can tell us about the team you play with or the one you follow.  You may have a story to tell: a special moment, a great match, a close final or a funny situation. You can add a photo to your story.   You can prepare your story at home and give it to your teacher at Mind the Gap!

If you love football, why not improve your English while reading about something you really like, namely football.  You can read, write, and watch videos about football by clicking on the link below. So, all of you football fans at home: Learn English with football!!!! http://premierskillsenglish.britishcouncil.org/

We look forward to reading your football story!