Mind The Gap | My extra-curricular activity
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My extra-curricular activity

My extra-curricular activity

Biel Cots is 12 years old. In his free time, Biel loves playing tennis. He has written about this sport and has shared a photo with us. Biel is second from the right in the picture; he is wearing a blue T-shirt and white tennis shorts. Thanks Biel!

In this picture, I am holding a prize for winning a tennis tournament.

I was at Club Tennis Vic. It was July 2017. I like this photo because it was an exciting moment for me.

I play tennis for 3 hours and 3 days a week. That’s 9 hours a week.

I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old. I like it because I have played all my life.

I like playing tennis because all my family plays.