Mind The Gap | Injustice 2
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Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Do you like playing video games? Berta Soler does! Berta highly recommends Injustice 2, one of her favourite games. Berta is preparing for the FCE exam at Mind the Gap. So, if you are interested in finding out more about Injustice 2, read Berta’s review which provides a very clear and action-packed description of the game. Thanks Berta!

Injustice 2.

DC Comics has a lot of video games, some based on storylines already created and sometimes from new ones. Today I’ll talk about Injustice 2, one of the best DC video games based on an animated movie.

This storyline began with Injustice, a video game where the story was totally different and crazy compared to the others. The story is about a parallel universe where the Joker made Superman believe that Lois Lane was a monster so he killed her, his son (she was pregnant) and all Metropolis with a bomb. Superman turned crazy, and killed the Joker. Batman tried to stop him, but he wasn’t the same anymore. Superman decided to rule the world, and some superheroes decided to join Superman’s Regime. Batman, decided to be the resistance and create the Society: heroes and villains who try to stop the mad plan of Superman.

To create Injustice 2, the producers had to know if the gamers would like the new videogame, so they first made an animated movie with the game design and graphics, so then the gamers could say what they thought about it.

If Injustice was good, Injustice 2 is amazing. In this new edition new characters like Supergirl or Brainiac appear. We begin the story with Superman in Batman’s prison and the Regime trying to set him free. In the middle of the war a bigger problem appears, and they have to unite forces: the Regime and the Society. There’s an alien invasion, the same that destroyed Krypton. In this battle you can see characters confused about if they are on the wrong side, old memories and enemies who want to be friends again pulling each others to their side.

I really recommend this game, you don’t even have to play the first part. The design is so good, easy to play and very entertaining. As I said, one of the best DC video games.