Mind The Gap | And the winner is…….
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And the winner is…….

And the winner is…….

…”Monster Night“! Congratulations to Pau Pujol and Marc Comas. They wrote a fantastic story which we hope will scare you! That’s what Halloween is all about.

Pau and Marc have won two cinema tickets and bags of sweets.  Now, they can go and watch the latest horror movie to stimulate their creative and scary minds. Please read their story. It is worth it.

All of the stories that students wrote were highly imaginative and well-written. Congratulations and thanks to all of you. You all seem to have pretty scary minds!!

There was one other story that frightened the jury and gave one or two of its members nightmares on Halloween night. It is called “The Blackmore Strawberries“.  It was written by Roser Rives, Oriol Montiel and Nil Fenoy.   This story came a close second and we think our students should develop it and write a script for a movie! As a reward for their contribution, they win a bag of sweets each.

We are posting the winning stories below. We dare you to read them!