Mind The Gap | Top 5 Ted Talks To Watch This Summer
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Top 5 Ted Talks To Watch This Summer

Top 5 Ted Talks To Watch This Summer

Mind the Gap’s Top 5 Ted Talks for the Summer

While the sun melts the streets outside, we recommend you stay indoors, pull down the blinds and enjoy our Top 5 Ted Talks

lf you are not coming to class in Mind the Gap this July, make sure you listen to English as often as you can so that you keep your ear tuned to the language.

The majority of our students at Mind the Gap come to the school to improve their speaking skills. We provide classes with authentic listening activities, and we create lessons around these videos which follow a methodology to improve fluency and accuracy. As all of our students know, listening regularly to English is the key to better speaking; “to speak well, first you must listen well”.

So, start listening and take time to enjoy these Top 5 Ted Talks. These videos have been chosen by Bénédicte, an English teacher at Mind the Gap. They cover a range of interesting and entertaining topics. Thanks for sharing the links Bénédicte! We hope you enjoy them!


Top 5 Ted Talks to Watch This Summer.

I got 99 problems… palsy is just one (funny and inspiring) – Maysoon Zayid

Do schools kill creativity? Ken Robinson

How I harnessed the wind by William Kamkwamba (the story of an amazing young man from Malawi)
(A movie of his story that is available on Netflix – The boy that harnessed the wind)

This is what happens when you replay to spam email by James Veitch

Before I die I want to – Candy Chang